Meetings & Events


Past meetings and events

06.-08.10.2014 International Symposium of the SPP 1315, Leipzig (Kubus)

08.-13.06.2014 Two divisional symposia at the 20th World Congress of Soil Science:
DS2: Soil Development and Soil Properties and Functions
DS3: Modelling of Soil Properties and Functions - Challenges and Opportunities

09.-11.10.2013 Annual meeting, Jena (Confrence room of the Dining Hall "Philomensa")

23.09.2013 Meeting on the "Artificial soil experiment", Leipzig

07.-12.09.2013 Session at the DBG annual meeting, Rostock (

25.08.-30.08.2013 Two sessions at the Goldschmidt conference, Florence, Italy:
10h: Combining Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Understand Biogeochemical Interfaces in Soil,
10j: Mineral Surfaces as Microbial Habitat
More information are available at

11.04.2013 Workshop on the "Artificial soil experiment", Freising

24.10.-25.10.2012 Meeting to sample columns from the Wormhole Experiment, Halle

10.10.-12.10.2012 Annual meeting, Dornburg (Altes Schloss)

27.08.-28.08.2012 Workshop of the Thematic Group 2: "Linking BGI properties to processes: Exemplified by sorption, transformation, and bioavailability", Jena

18.07.2012 Meeting to discuss Worm Column Experiment, Halle (UFZ)

02.07.-06.07.2012 Two sessions during EUROSOIL 2012, Bari:
S9.3: Imaging structure and probing properties of soil interfaces and aggregates (for more information, please click here )
S11.9: Biogeochemical interfaces in soil: structure - architecture - properties - function (for more information, please click here)

15.06.2012 Meeting to discuss new Joint Experiment of the TG4: Worm Column Experiment, Halle

05.03.-06.03.2012 Meeting of the Thematic Group 4: "Spectro-microscopy and -tomography: Visualisation of architecture - mapping constituents and properties", Bayreuth (to display the picture of the participants, please click here)

01.03.-02.03.2012 Symposium on "Life in Microhabitats of Soils - Microbial Ecology of Biogeochemical Interfaces", Dornburg

06.10.-07.10.2011 Annual colloquium, Dornburg

22.09.2011 Meeting of the Thematic Group 2: "Linking BGI properties to processes exemplified by sorption, transformation and bioavailability" in Landau. A report is available in the internal section

23.05.-24.05.2011 Bodenkundliches Geländeseminar, Jena

10.01.2011 Meeting of the Thematic Group 5: "Computational chemistry and advanced physicochemical characterisation: Quantitative reconstruction and modelling of BGIs, their properties and interactions" in Vienna

08.12.-10.12.2010 Soil metagenomics 2010: Implications of next-generation DNA sequencing on microbial diversity research and soil ecology (Braunschweig, organised by Christoph C. Tebbe

26.10.2010 Meeting of the Thematic Group 1: "Exploration of formation, maturation and dynamics of BGIs" on "The role of biology in BGI formation: How much bio do we need?", Leipzig

06.10.-07.10.2010 Annual SPP colloquium and conference, Dornburg (Altes Schloss) and Jena

04.10.-05.10.2010 Symposium "Advanced spectroscopic and microscopic characterisation techniques - Tools to enlighten biogeochemical interfaces in soil", Dornburg. 1.8.-6.8.2010 Session during the 19th World Congress of Soil Science, Brisbane (click here)

20.07.-21.07.2010 Meeting of the Thematic Group 4: "Spectro-microscopy and -tomography: Visualisation of architecture - mapping constituents and properties", Munich

08.10.-09.10.2009 SPP colloquium and conference, Dornburg (Altes Schloss Dornburg) and Jena

06.10.-07.10.2009 DFG-IUSS symposium: Advances of Molecular Modelling of Biogeochemical Interfaces - Perspectives for Soil Research - 2009, Dornburg (Altes Schloss) and Jena (click here)

05.09.-13.09.2009 Annual meeting of the German Soil Science Society with a session on biogeochemical interfaces in soil, Bonn (Thema 36: Analyse der Architektur und Eigenschaften biogeochemischer Grenzflächen in Böden: Grundlage für das Verständnis von Bodenfunktionen)

01.07.2009 Meeting of the Thematic Group 3: "Bridging scales: Conceptual understanding of interface properties and functions (at different/across) scales", Jena

19.04.-24.04.2009 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) with a session (SSS29) on biogeochemical interfaces in soil, Vienna (click here)

29.03.2009 Workshop on "Formation and maturation of biogeochemical interfaces", Freising

24.02.-25.02.2009 Season school "Reactive transport in porous media: Models, analysis and simulation", Jena

12.02.-13.02.2009 Workshop on "Contribution of molecular microbial ecology methods to a better understanding of biogeochemical interfaces in soil", Braunschweig

09.02.-10.02.2009 Workshop on "Spectro-microscopy and -tomography: Visualization of architecture - mapping constituents and properties", Halle

02.02.2009 Workshop on "Structure and function of soil organic matter as a biogeochemical interface", Bochum

08.10.-09.10.2008 Annual meeting, KUBUS, Leipzig

25.08.-29.08.2008 EUROSOIL 2008, University of Technology, Vienna; Session "The nano scales" (S13.D, click here for further information)

08.02.2008 Workshop "Computational chemistry: Reconstruction of soil properties", Vienna

24.10.-25.10.2007 Kick-off meeting of the priority program, Leipzig

02.09.-09.09.2007 Session during the annual meeting of the German Soil Science Society, Dresden