Annual Meeting 2012

Scheme of the meeting:

Joint experiments presented by:

  • Atrificial soil incubation - Geertje J. Pronk
  • Establishment of the BGIs under flow conditions - Kai U. Totsche, Katharina Reichel and Doreen Babin
  • Quantitative reconstruction of hierarchical interface structures for the independent prediction of the fate of reactive chemicals - Thomas Ritschel, Jannis Tzavaras and Marc-Oliver Göbel
  • Physicochemical restructuring of biogeochemical interfaces - A joint experiment linking properties to processes - Gabriele E. Schaumann, Anastasia Shchegolikhina, Tatjana Schneckenburger, Susanne K. Woche and Jaane Krüger
  • Connecting pH imaging to metalaxyl degradation detected by MALDI imaging at the root surface interface of Lupinus albus L. - Sebastain Gottfried and Nicole Rudolph
  • Stabilization of microbial biomass in soils: Implications for SOM formation, xenobiotic degradation, and residue formation - Matthias Kästner and Andreas Schäffer
  • The soil-litter interface: A hot spot of biogeochemical interactions - Holger Pagel
  • An integrative multidisciplinary approach to elucidate structure and function of worm-derived biogeochemical interfaces in soil - Marcus Horn, Yamuna Kunhi Mouvenchery, Nicole Rudolph, Marc-Oliver Göbel and Thomas Baumann

Evolved collaborations presented by:

  • Nano and microspatial distribution of mineral and organic minerals in young soils as assessed by AFM-nanothermal analysis (AFM-nTA) - Yamuna Kunhi Mouvenchery
  • DMA and MCPA adsoprtion by goethite (α-Fe-OOH) - Michael Kersten
  • Interaction of bacteria with minerals at BGIs in soil - Matthias Kästner

Impulse talks given by:

  • Formation and evolving properties of BGIs - Kai U. Totsche
  • Architecture of BGIs in soils - Bottlenecks in current research - Hans-Jörg Vogel
  • Quantitative reconstruction with advanced molecular modeling to understand BGIs - Daniel Tunega
  • BGIs in soil: Hot spots of microbial activity - Michael Schloter

Posters on:

  • Individual projects
  • Joint and complementary techniques

Further information:

Date: 10.10. (1.00 pm) - 12.10.2012 (1.00 pm)

Venue: Altes Schloss Dornburg (