Annual Meeting 2013

Scheme of the meeting:

Joint experiments oral presentations:

  • Artificial soil incubation - Geertje J. Pronk
  • Hierarchical structure of BGIs in soil to predict transport of reactive chemicals in soil - Thomas Ritschel
  • Joining two imaging techniques to evidence the effect of oxygen micro-patterns on metalaxyl dissipation in soil - Sascha Oswald
  • The soil-litter interface: A hot spot for biogeochemical interactions - Christian Poll
  • An integrative multidisciplinary approach to elucidate structure and function of worm-derived biogeochemical interfaces in soil - Marcus A. Horn
  • Interactions of bacteria with minerals at biogeochemical interfaces in soil - Anja Miltner
  • Effect of phenanthrene and hexadecane on the release and transport of mobile organic matter in maturated soil - Katharina Reichel and Doreen Babin
  • Physicochemical restructuring of biogeochemicl interfaces: A joint experiment linking properties to processes - Gabriele E. Schaumann

Evolved collaborations oral presentations:

  • MCPA adsorption by goethite - Michael Kersten
  • Stabilisation of microbial biomass in soils: Implications for SOM formation, xenobiotic degradation and residue formation - Matthias Kästner

Thematic groups oral presentations:

  • TG1: Formation, maturation and dynamics of BGIs in soil - Anja Miltner
  • TG2: Linking BGI properties with phenomena and processes  - Gabriele E. Schaumann
  • TG3: Bridging scales: Conceptual understanding of interface properties and functions at different scales - Kai U. Totsche
  • TG4: Spectro-microscopy and tomography: Visualisation of architecture: Mapping constituents and properties - Thomas Baumann and Hans-Jörg Vogel
  • TG5: Computational chemistry and advanced physicochemical characterisation: Quantitative reconstruction and modeling of BGIs, their properties and interactions - Daniel Tunega
  • TG6: Soil microbial Ecology: Explore community's role for BGI as "architect and actor" - elucidate transformation of organic chemicals - Kornelia Smalla


  • A: Towards the grand goal (chaired by Martin Gerzabek)
  • B: Joint publications and dissemination ( chaired by Kai Totsche)
  • C: Final symposium in 2014 (chaired by Joanna Hanzel)
  • D: Feedback from the reviewers
  • E: Joint experiments: Continuation and final work (chaired by Kornelia Smalla)
  • F: Thematic groups: Present, future and dissemination (chaired by Gabriele Schaumann) - the workshop has been cancelled

Poster presentations:

  •  Individual projects

More information on the meeting provides the Book of Abstracts

Date: 9.10. (1:00 pm) -11.10. 2013 (1:00 pm)

Venue: Conference room of the Dining Hall "Philomensa", Jena