Worm Column Experiment

Coordinator : Marcus A. Horn

Jörg Bachmann, Thomas Baumann, Marko Bertmer, Harold L. Drake, Marc-Oliver Göbel, Joanna Hanzel, Katja Heister, Alex Jäger, Matthias Kästner, Max Köhne, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, Christian Metz, Ralf Mertel, Anja Miltner, Yamuna Kunhi Mouvenchery, Reinhard Niessner, Pavel Ondruch, Sascha Oswald, Anja Ramm, Thomas Ritschel, Nicole Rudolph, Gabriele E. Schaumann, Michael Spiteller, Kai-Uwe Totsche, Sebastian Zühlke, Cordula Vogel, Hans-Jörg Vogel

To study effect of the endogeic earthworm A. caliginosa on:
• Stable soil aggregates and pore site distribution (Hans-Jörg Vogel)
• Surface properties (Kai-Uwe Totsche)
• Transport and preferential flow paths (Kai-Uwe Totsche)
• Contact angle and wettability (Jörg Bachmann)
• Hydration and biofilm formation (Gabriele Schaumann and Marko Bertmer)
• Spatial distribution of MCPA (Thomas Baumann and Reinhard Niessner)
• Spatial distribution of MCPA-metabolites (Michael Spiteller and Sebastian Zühlke)
• CO2 and N2O-fluxes (Marcus Horn)
• Active microbial transformers of MCPA and distribution (Thomas Baumann, Katja Heister, and Marcus Horn)
• Dead organic matter (Anja Miltner and Matthias Kästner)
• Distribution of oxygen (Sascha Oswald and Nicole Rudolph)
• Redox potential (Michael Kersten and Thomas Baumann)

Biogeochemical Interfaces/Structures of Interests:
• Burrow wall                          • Cast particles                • Soil matrix

 Burrow wall    Cast     Bulk soil

Methods used:
Computed microtomography (µ-CT)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
• Reflection electron microscpe (REM)
• Thermal analyses
NMR relaxometry
• Raman spectroscopy
• Contact angle mapping using the sessile drop method (SDM)
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
• Microcosm incubation
• Online CO2 measurements
• GC for N2O offline
• Raman-FISH
• qPCR
• DAPI counts
• Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
• Sensor dyes
• ICP-MSImaging of Fe2+ and Fe3+

1. 15.06.2012 Halle (UFZ): Planning the experiment, practicing sampling

Minutes from the meeting:

Minutes from the meeting_Halle15062012_worm

2. 18.07.2012 Halle (UFZ): Practicing sampling II

3. 24.10.-25.10.2012 Halle (UFZ): Final sampling