Study Sites

Several joint experiments are carried out in the framework of the priority program. A part of the experiments are run with soils originating from field-trial sites with known treatment history.

Fuhrberger Feld and Totes Moor

The sites are located to the north of Hannover. The soils under study are Gleyic Podzols and Podzols developed from quaternary sands (Fuhrberger Feld ) and Histosols (Totes Moor ).


Locations of the study sites Fuhrberger Feld and Totes Moor (Quelle: Auszug aus den Geobasisdaten der Niedersächsischen Vermessungs- und Katasterverwaltung)


The research farm Scheyern is located to the north of Munich. The soils under study are Luvisols under agricultural use that developed from weathered loess.


The field experiment site Ultuna is located in central Sweden near Uppsala. Eutric Cambisols have developed from postglacial clay. The soils have been subjected to different organic amendments since 1956. Details are given by:
Kirchmann, H., J. Persson, K. Carlgren. 1994. The Ultuna long-term soil organic matter experiment, 1956-1991. Reports and Dissertations 17. Department of Soil Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala.